Worship Lifestyle

Worship Lifestyle wanted to rebuild their online presence to make it easier to relay information to its church members, while also automating their course registering system. The issue with their current setup was the client had to track every element of the transaction, such as contacting the customer, processing the payment and then checking for receipt, before booking the customer’s place on their desired course.  To rectify this lengthy, but important process, I devised a plan that would solve this issue both effectively and efficiently 

To solve this issue for the client I created a simple system where they would be able to add PayPal payment buttons to their website. This would allow customers to pay for a course directly, while notifying Worship Lifestyle that a user had made a payment. Using PayPal as their choice of payment processing, I created all their courses as buttons, for quick integration, that could be added to any course they had published on their website.

For the admin side of the website, I used a Headless CMS called Directus. This allowed for complete control over the front end design & functionality.